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Born as The Envy in the South West, but name-change because we can, and because Erica means ‘storyteller’ in Norse.

ERICA are:

Dalton Woodward – Vox/guitar
William Hall – Drums
Jason Burger – Bass

ERICA are a trio of young, talented musicians who, if there is any justice in this world, will reach the heights of musical success they truly deserve..Still very young, ( ages-21-23) they write, record and play with a maturity beyond their years which can only be found in a band that rehearses and plays live on a constant basis.

Their sound has hints and flavours of U2, Muse,Pearl Jam, Coldplay and even Led Zeppelin, but the sound of Erica is all their own.And, while their album “Sons of the High Land” is a masterful piece if work, it’s not until you see and hear this band in the flesh of live performance that you get to feel the intense power these guys generate.Dalton Woodward gently coxes Edge-type melodies one minute, then pounds out monolithic riffs in the next bar, with soaring impassioned vocals layered over the top.

Will Hall is a whirling dervish of complex inventive drum patterns and battering’s a wonder there is any kit left at the end of his performances.

Jason Burger is not only towering in stature but also in musicality.With only one guitar and one bass generating the sound, the bass player has to be skillful enough to  not only lock in with the drums but also fill out the sound when the guitar is soloing. Jason has this skill off admirably.

The sign of a great band is when each member brings their soul to the party !!!! Ladies and Gentlemen such a band is “ERICA”


Moody picked guitar intro with a haunting vocal from Dalton powers into the song, packed with light and shade and beautiful textures. Simply breathtaking live !!!!!


Another monster tune, dripping with power ,emotion and melody,as good as anything you’ll hear in the world today.


Beautifully melodic guitar intro from Dalton leading to a super- commercial verse and an insanely catchy chorus.a real foot tapper.Nice wah wah solos too.


An epic Monster of a track evoking the very best of Zeppelin boasting a full 10 minutes plus of twists and turns.

In short, the whole CD “Sons of the High Land” is a classic in the making. Given the right exposure, it deserves to go all the the way and catapult ERICA to super-stardom.Ignore at your peril !!!!!!

Ade Fisher