Fusing melodic top 40 pop sensibility with a heavy punk rock edge, Marina City given their growing audience something they didn’t even know they craved. Dubbed “One of Chicago’s best up and coming bands”* and “THE Chicago band to watch out for, Marina City is set to release their 3rd Ep, Wanderlust, on August 11, 2015. The band’s first two releases, In the Wake of Dreaming (2012) and Chimera (2014) have watched the band develop from their pop-punk roots into a more melodic yet in-your-face sound. But for the newest EP, Wanderlust, the Chicago sextet traveled 6,000 miles to producer Casey Bates (Pierce The Veil, Chiodos, and Portugal. The Man) to record a collection of songs in a genre that the band has coined “Aggressive Pop Rock”. On The Request Magazine says: “ (Marina City) have brought a very real, intense rock flavor to vocals that could easily appear in today’s top 40… they are showing the world what real music in popular culture could and should sound like.”

Since debuting at a sold out House of Blues show, the sextet has gained through heavy online and street promotion an intensly dedicated fan base they call The Lost Boys. This fan base has opened the door for Marina City to tour heavily across the Midwest and East Coast, play Warped Tour, and share the stage with national/ international touring acts such as Go Radio, Senses Fail, Amanda Palmer, State Champs, Real Friends, The Rise Records tour, and more. The band has also gained airplay on many local radio stations including 101WKQX and Fearless Radio and have been featured on Absolutepunk.net, PropertyOfZack, Pupfresh, Red Eye Chicago, and The Herald News.

The band features

lead vocalist Ryan Argast, guitarist and vocalist Brian Johnson, keyboardist and vocalist Matt Gaudiano, drummer Eric Somers-Urrea, bassist Aaron Heiy, and lead guitarist Todor Birindjiev.

Songs from the EP WANDERLUST


Nice subtle piano vocal intro and verse, building to a slow tempo ballad , beautifully produced and performed.Tasty harmonies abound.The type of song where you know you haven’t it but you think you have.The mark of a great song.


Another slow paced song but with huge guitars and harmonies.Again, ridiculously catchy but very emotive.


Great rhythmic intro, this song features all 3 vocalists and it works very well.Another impassioned vocal from lead singer Ryan Argast and a showcase for the instrumental talents of the band during the mid section with some stunning interplay between all the band….awesome!!!


Uptempo rocker this time, another huge sounding track with the band tight as a camel’s arse in a sandstorm and instantly catchy again and showcasing a classy lead guitar break from Todor Birindjiev.

MARINA CITY  fuse melodic top 40 pop sensibility with a heavy punk rock edge

Hats off to an awesome band, check them out right now !!!ADE FISHER

cold for june


Based out of Orlando, Fl, Cold For June is a Post Hardcore/Pop Rock band with an edgy, high-energy sound. Their material has attracted attention from fans and critics alike, allowing them to be highlighted in Pop Vulture Magazine and be the 791zero Network featured artist for the week of March 24, 2013.  Cold For June has played alongside bands including, but not limited to, Close Your Eyes (Victory Records), Lower Than Atlantis (Island Records), and Kid Liberty (Bullet Tooth Records).

With experience in many aspects of the music industry, singer Alan Reitman has worked with renowned music producer James Paul Wisner (Paramore, Underoath, Dashboard Confessional, The Academy Is…, and more) and recorded Search The City’s newest material (2012) after their three-year hiatus. Working with these notable industry names has allowed Alan to use his diverse music knowledge to make catchy vocals, create intricate guitar riffs, and incorporate synths and orchestral instruments that all contribute to Cold For June’s unique and refreshing sound.

Cold For June’s debut EP Rewind is expected to release on iTunes soon and promises to build off of the energy that their latest single “No More” has provided. “Rewind” will take Cold For June to the next level proving that they are a local act with big potential, and are surely not to be missed!

You can keep up with Cold For June on their official Twitter and Instagram accounts, @CFJofficial, and on their Facebook fan page http://www.facebook.com/coldforjune.

Vocals / Alan Reitman
Guitar / Andrew Torres & Joey Meehan
Bass / Mike Ferraris
Drums / Josh Acker


 HIGH energy start featuring some great drumming and huge guitars !!! This track also has Joshy Singer as a guest from the band Blessing A Curse, but I feel Alan Reitman steals the vocal show on this one. His voice is clear, strong and very melodic, giving the song a much more commercial edge, set against a backdrop of beautifully brutal instrumentation. Nice light and shade in the middle of the song gives breathing space before the mayhem recommences with more mind-blowing drumming !!! Check this out !!!!!! The production is top notch, just enough power but without descending into clipping, and the arrangement is inventive:lots to keep the listener interested.

There are a glut of bands in this Genre who, I feel, spoil good songs by featuring wasteful “Screamo” vocals.There are some here in DISTANCE, but are used sparingly to add a new dynamic to the song rather than rely on it. Awsome !!!!!


Tasty subdued guitar and vocal eases the listener into the track before piledriving into a pacey pounding tune.

Again, very commercial without sacrificing the power of those huge guitars and drums.Great guitar solo in this one too.


You’ll no doubt be aware of the song Royals by Lorde which was a big hit in 2013. Well Cold for June do a rock version here, featuring the trademark Big Guitars and Drums, and do you know what ?? It works !! It’s great to hear those familiar vocal harmonies backed with sonic pandemonium from the band.Even the guitar solo works. Again, Alan Reitman shines here and his voice works just fine on this track.

With so many bands in this genre of Post Hadcore PunkPop out there right now, Cold For June stand out from the rest.

Check them out Facebook and their website COLDFORJUNE



narrow plains


Narrow Plains are an acoustic-indie, trio based in London, consisting of Charlie Ferriday (guitar/vocals), Stuart Connick (drums/back-up vocals) and Roger Connick (bass/back-up vocals). They have performed at prestigious venues such as the 02 Academy Islington, 100 Club, Barfly and Cavern Club in Liverpool. They have also played at festivals like TWF, Redfest, Shoreditch, Yardlife, Lechlade and Amprocks.

Narrow Plains formed in early 2012 after self-recording and producing their debut EP “Somewhere In Between” at minimal cost but to some considerable critical acclaim – “the passion and fury that spawns this type of intense creation is evident in both the lyrics and sound” (Kei Hendrix, Bandmark).

The band has recently received international acclaim, being selected as Judges Pick 2014 by a prestigious panel of music experts in the USA-based Bands4Good online talent contest, winning a recording session with the legendary John Davenport in his North Carolina studio. They were also winning finalists in the 2014 Canadian “Live In Your City” contest of Uprise.FM and have just been selected for the live heats of the Hard Rock Rising competition.

The band has recently released another self-produced, double A single, “So Rewind”/ “Keep You Anyway”. “’So Rewind’ has just been picked as BBC Introducing South Track of the Day. They continue to write and perform a large number of original songs and have signed an album deal with Smart Indie Music. They hope to release their debut album in early summer 2015.

1.RUNNING TO YOUR DOOR   https://soundcloud.com/narrowplains/running-to-your-door

An uptempo Acoustic rocker which evokes an instant crowd-pleaser which would not sound out of place on the Main Stage at Glastonbury. Taken from the debut EP “Somewhere In Between” it has got “hit single” written all over it !! The self production is great too, nice punchy drums, driving acoustic guitar and tight yet fluid bass playing.A hell of a racket for a 3 piece !!!!! If you’re not “running to the door” before the end of this track then you need a checkup from the neck up !!

2.DREAMS     https://soundcloud.com/narrowplains/dreams

Very tasty acoustic guitar intro leads to another punchy tune with an infectious drum and bass groove.It’s impossible to keep still, listening to this song, another dead cert for a live favourite.When I listen to a band, the first thing I look for is does the singer have a commercial sounding voice. In other words, would I buy the records and would I want to see the band live after hearing the other musicians ? With Narrow Plains the answer is a resounding “YES”.They already sound like the finished article.

3.KEEP YOU ANYWAY   https://soundcloud.com/narrowplains/keep-you-anyway-1

Taken from the new single, you can hear maturity and musical progression in the sound and songwriting.

Another ridiculously catchy commercial song beginning with a beautiful guitar intro.Singer Charlie Ferriday is really coming to prominence vocally and Stuart Connick (drums) and Roger Connick (bass) continue to complement the songs impeccably !!

4.SO REWIND https://soundcloud.com/narrowplains/so-rewind-1

Nicely picked guitar intro kick-starts, in my opinion, Narrow Plains ‘ finest 3.38 minutes !!

Everything has come together on this song!! great sound, top lyrics, tight punch-groove playing and the best vocal performance of the lot, combining in the best song to date !!! If this song does not get NARROW PLAINS noticed in the music world then we might as well all give up !!!Wonderful stuff.

In an age when people like Kanye West have to try desperately  to be controversial  in order to cover up a lack of musical talent, it is so refreshing to hear a band like NARROW PLAINS who do genuinely possess talent doing their best to stick true to what’s real in this world.











The perfect marriage of Ann Wilson and Sheryl Crow, Sarah Peacock is a country-rock powerhouse! Peacock delivers intensity and passion, while her memorable melodies soar over heartfelt lyrics.Sarah’s song “Hurricane” won best song in the 2014 American Songwriting Awards. Her song, “Beautiful” was a winner in the 2014 Unsigned Only Competition. Sarah was also named The Listening Room Network’s Artist Of The Year,

In June she showcased at Nashville’s CMA Fest and is currently wrapping up a brand new project with Nashville producer Ken Coomer.

Albuquerque Sky (Feb, 2013) is the latest full-length studio release from Sarah Peacock. Peacock produced the entire album over 15 months, 70,000 miles, and 300 shows in various studios, homes, closets, cars, airplanes, and hotels across America in 46 different states. It was mixed and mastered in Nashville and has received critically acclaimed reviews. She released Live From The Red Clay Theatre in October 2013 with her band and continues to perform 250 dates a year worldwide. Her most notable performance last year was the CBS Morning Show in New York City (performing “Hurricane,” a tribute song to Hurricane Sandy victims).

HURRICANE   https://youtu.be/2EPFkHyAWZ4

Sarah Peacock is a rare talent these days ! Not often do you find a Singer/Songwriter who grabs you with a vocal the first few seconds you hear it, but she does it on HURRICANE. Her voice is crystal clear, articulate, but with a power and warmth of tone that can’t be taught !!! Sarah uses her voice as an instrument like  only true musicians do, and her beautiful tone never falters as she reaches falsetto highs or bassy lows. Incredible.!! She also thinks about her lyrics such as the wonderful lines

“Let your heart be thirsty ground …And I will be your rain”

HURRICANE is beautifully written and produced,a master song if ever there was one.

BEAUTIFUL    https://youtu.be/a1nqafHdueA

Nice coupling of Adorable with Ignorable in the opening verse, featuring beautiful instrumentation for the backing.

The chorus kicks into life with soaring vocals which make this such a good, commercial song.

Another great tune and vocal performance.

THE COOL KIDS   https://youtu.be/-sLaUL6ZW1o

Another great opening line “I am rubber, You are glue” !!! A heartfelt story of being excluded from the “In Crowd” or the Cool Kids. Such a great song of just voice and guitar portraying how cruel life can be sometimes to those seemingly marginalised kids, and yet kids can be cool in other ways outside of the spotlight.Awesome. !! And even cool kids can be bullied in other ways.

With a voice and talent like Sarah Peacock’s, she deserves to be a superstar.May the Man Upstairs look down on her and make things right by granting her wish !!





Press BW 2


Location: Muscle Shoals, AL
Genre/style: Prog Rock

From the steel plants in the heart of Dixie. Lurking deep in the swamp and forged with the sweat of the Gulf of Mexico. A sound as vast as the southern weather pounding iron under a blacksmith’s hammer. STEGO blossoms with vigor. Furiously trudging toward the line that separates the dark from light, the alternative and progressive, the trio sets it’s self apart from the fold with raw unbridled emotion like an awakened golem crushing the terraform underfoot.

The trio is the product of a vast array of influences and experimentation blended together to shape a high energy, explosive rock and roll experience. The music of STEGO merges an alternative rock foundation with the power of a progressive core, and the result is a distinct and satisfying sound.

Band members and instruments:

Chris Chandler (Vocals/Guitar)

Justin Keef (Drums)

Jon Carrasco (Bass guitar)


The band was formed in late 2009 and played it’s first show on Oct 29th 2009. Once known as Stegosaurus the trio shortened the name upon enlisting new drummer Justin Keef. The change brought on a different vision and moved the music toward a progressive rock sound leaving the alternative/pop/punk genre behind altogether. STEGO has shared the stage with bands such as Losing September, Shallow Side, Cadaver Dogs, and Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit

Official video single “Bottom Feeder” from the new album “Void Clear Light”


Listen to 3 songs from “Void Clear Light” on Soundcloud:

Cage Down By the River     https://soundcloud.com/stego2012/cage-down-by-the-river

Ok, so some relaxing water-meditation starts this track to lull you into a false sense of security, because pretty soon you get hit with some awesome instrumentation of great guitar riff, bass and drums forming a really swampy, grungy sound.Great odd time signature with nice dissonant guitar chords bring in the brilliant voice of Chris Chandler.I’m featuring STEGO today because from the first 10 seconds of this song I was dragged into the sound of this brilliant 3-piece Band, and I know in the first few moments if I’m going to like a band or not.Here, there was no contest, cos by the time the double-speed chorus kicks in I’m a goner !!!!By the end I KNOW Chris is in a Cage Down By The River !!!!!

Bottom Feeder:                 https://soundcloud.com/stego2012/bottom-feeder

There’s more water at the start of this track but it hints at something more menacing like the sound of something wriggling around like the Loch Ness Monster maybe !! Then another grimy guitar riff oozes from the speakers like the creature from the Black Lagoon,as Chris Chandler portrays life at the bottom .This is an epic track !!!!!!You can almost smell the stench of the stagnant pool below.Great Production again with a massive sound.

The Key Of Solomon:      https://soundcloud.com/stego2012/the-key-of-solomon

Another attention-grabbing introduction, this time featuring uptempo drums and bass overlaid with lush instrumental guitars in a Proggy kind of way. Really cool !!Nice punchy light and shade in the verses and chorus and a very tasty bass/guitar middle section, all atmospheric and some gorgeous lead guitar delayed lines, leading to some frenetic drumming racing to the end.Breathtaking stuff !!!

If you are looking for a kick ass band with intelligence, look no further than STEGO.

I still don’t know how a 3-piece can make such a beautiful racket !!!! Check them out Now!!!!!!!

Ade Fisher

Discography including release years:

Stegosaurus “Comet Scar” Full length 2010

STEGO “Void Clear Light” EP 2014

Listen to the entire “Void Clear Light’ stream here: https://onerpm.com/#/store/player

Email address: Stego247@gmail.com

Website URL(s): Stego2012.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/StegosaurusRocks

Twitter: Twitter.com/stego2012





Where music can be purchased:

iTunes, Amazon Mp3, OneRpm.com, Emusic, GrooveShark, Rhapsody, GooglePlay, IheartRadio, Slacker, Beats Music, Spotify, Xbox Music.



After rip roaring sets and sold out gigs, this Birmingham quartet has really arrived!

Supporting The View and playing up and down the country, the rebels are putting their own original stamp on the Birmingham music scene and are definitely on the rise.

Their latest EP, ‘HOWLIN’, was released in the summer of 2014 and is available for worldwide digital download. The official video for lead single ‘SHAKE ME DOWN’ was released June 29th.

The four-piece band from Birmingham combines the power and intensity of classic rock with the finesse and delicacy of soulful blues.

Members: Danny Core – Vocals & Rhythm guitar; Luke Davis – Vocals & Bass; James Tranter – Vocals & Lead Guitar; Anthony Byrne – Drums & Percussion

SHAKE ME DOWN    https://soundcloud.com/brokenwittrebels/shake-me-down-1

The tasty, subdued guitar intro eases you gently into a modern take on The Faces type instrumentation. THEN ENTERS “THE VOICE” !!!!! A voice that sounds like a thousand break-ups and a million JD’S, perfectly complementing the great musicians on show.This song ooses Deep South, never guessing it originated in Birmingham uk !! I can see why this was a single, very commercial in a sort of Kings of Leon sort of way. Awesome !!!

HOWLIN   https://soundcloud.com/brokenwittrebels/howlin

Another rootsy rocker featuring some great guitar riffs and powerful bass n drums and another killer vocal from Danny Core.

From the EP of the same name this is another hit single in the waiting.Nice wah wah solo too !!

BOTTOM OF THE HILL   https://soundcloud.com/brokenwittrebels/bottom-of-the-hill

Slower in tempo but not intensity, this song is drenched in bluesy soul, the passion is dripping out of the speakers !!!!

Lovely contrast of light and shade in the verses and chorus with more awesome guitar and the ever-present world class vocals.You might need to bring fire extinguishers if you catch this band live..!!!! if the UK keeps producing bands as great as this, then the future of music is in very safe hands .

catch them at

Saturday 30 May 2015

Camden Rocks 2015





This is what COLOUR say about themselves:

We are a new Art Rock band, our members literally residing in Liverpool, Stoke and Rutland. We create our own music, content and art from our studio on the Northwest Coast. We’ve just released our debut EP. BBC Introducing ‘New Band of the Year 2014’ from Stoke.

  • Born on 1 January 2013
  • Band Members
    Tidd, Scott, Downey, Connor
    The overwhelming word that comes to mind when listening to COLOUR is “Refreshing”.In this age of Taylor Swift and conveyor belt pop, it is so refreshing to hear a young band actually working on instrumentation, arrangements and songwriting. On STRANGERS interplay between the 2 guitars, bass and drums is breath-taking then the excellent vocals kick in to top off a brilliant song. I hate looking for influences but Simple Minds and U2 come to mind, surely no bad thing. A very commercial track which deserves success.
    RED                  https://soundcloud.com/colourbanduk/red
    More Beautiful cascading guitars open RED  then powers into another commercial masterpiece featuring some gorgeous bass lines and another impassioned vocal. Jeez these guys can play !!!!!! I can see them onstage now at Glastonbury !!!!
    Slower, moodier guitar intro on this track: the production is stunning on all these songs, no more so on SHATTERED
    Another ridiculously catchy chorus and by now COLOUR are really impressing with their consistently great songwriting.
    It has been said by many recently that rock music is dead !! Well, on the evidence of COLOUR I think our musical heritage is in very safe hands.If they arent massive in a year or two I’ll eat my hat !!!



No Operator is a five-piece Rock/Metal band from Vancouver Island. Their sound blends heavy, intricate riffs with melodic vocals, and an extreme commitment to writing great original music. No Operator pride themselves in being a true rock band: doing both electric and acoustic performances; using no backing tracks, samples, or metronome; and using 100% real instruments in the studio. After three years of steady gigging; sharing the stage with the likes of Protest the Hero and Incura; No Operator released their debut album “Weather and War” in August 2012. In 2013, No Operator performed 29 times, expanded their line-up to a five-piece, recorded singles “State Your Allegiance” and “Sitka”, were featured on Shaw TV, won a “Stelly Award” for Album of the Year, and received their first airplay on commercial radio (99.3 the Fox, 106.9 the Wolf). With 2014 shaping up to be their biggest year yet, No Operator promise great things to come.

No Operator is:
TJ Muhl-Lead Vocals
Oliver Galloway-Guitars&Vocals
Ben Hughes-Guitars
Steve Holtby-Bass and Vocals
Dave Wiebe-Drums

STATE YOUR ALLEGIANCE http://www.reverbnation.com/nooperator/song/20021525-state-your-allegiance

When a track like this starts these days I usually expect to hear screamo vocals but, to my pleasant surprise, the very melodic voice of TJ Muhl adds melodrama to the hard-hitting drums and guitars on show.!! It all adds up to a breath of fresh air from this talented band.STATE YOUR ALLEGIANCE is a very commercial metal track you have to check out.

CREPITUS http://www.reverbnation.com/nooperator/song/20021640-crepitus

Great guitar interplay kicks this rocker off and never lets up as Muhl again leads the line with some fine vocals.

great guitar solo too.

SITKA http://www.reverbnation.com/nooperator/song/20021622-sitka

Very nice melodic intro of clean guitars and tasty production.It takes off halfway through to finish as a great power-ballad.

In a world of metal-clone bands, NO OPERATOR stand out as one of the must see/hear bands this year !!!!





Born as The Envy in the South West, but name-change because we can, and because Erica means ‘storyteller’ in Norse.

ERICA are:

Dalton Woodward – Vox/guitar
William Hall – Drums
Jason Burger – Bass

ERICA are a trio of young, talented musicians who, if there is any justice in this world, will reach the heights of musical success they truly deserve..Still very young, ( ages-21-23) they write, record and play with a maturity beyond their years which can only be found in a band that rehearses and plays live on a constant basis.

Their sound has hints and flavours of U2, Muse,Pearl Jam, Coldplay and even Led Zeppelin, but the sound of Erica is all their own.And, while their album “Sons of the High Land” is a masterful piece if work, it’s not until you see and hear this band in the flesh of live performance that you get to feel the intense power these guys generate.Dalton Woodward gently coxes Edge-type melodies one minute, then pounds out monolithic riffs in the next bar, with soaring impassioned vocals layered over the top.

Will Hall is a whirling dervish of complex inventive drum patterns and battering beats.it’s a wonder there is any kit left at the end of his performances.

Jason Burger is not only towering in stature but also in musicality.With only one guitar and one bass generating the sound, the bass player has to be skillful enough to  not only lock in with the drums but also fill out the sound when the guitar is soloing. Jason has this skill off admirably.

The sign of a great band is when each member brings their soul to the party !!!! Ladies and Gentlemen such a band is “ERICA”


Moody picked guitar intro with a haunting vocal from Dalton powers into the song, packed with light and shade and beautiful textures. Simply breathtaking live !!!!!


Another monster tune, dripping with power ,emotion and melody,as good as anything you’ll hear in the world today.


Beautifully melodic guitar intro from Dalton leading to a super- commercial verse and an insanely catchy chorus.a real foot tapper.Nice wah wah solos too.


An epic Monster of a track evoking the very best of Zeppelin boasting a full 10 minutes plus of twists and turns.

In short, the whole CD “Sons of the High Land” is a classic in the making. Given the right exposure, it deserves to go all the the way and catapult ERICA to super-stardom.Ignore at your peril !!!!!!


Ade Fisher

10628246_796678737042185_3003045701867695406_n (1)


High energy pop punk/hardcore forming in the great state of Colorado. Finding a balance between brutal hardcore and high energy/positive pop punk, Goodnight Gravity is dishing out a tasty dish best heard on their sophomore Ep;

“All In Is All We Know”.https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/all-in-is-all-we-know-ep/id588449943

Members Josh Dwernychuk – Vocals/Guitar

Dylan Neise – Guitar

Andrew Tekansik– Bass/Vocals

Jake Westerman – Drums

Sounds Like: Four Year Strong, Knockout Kid, Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!, New Found Glory, All Time Low

Bio: We are a pop, punk, hardcore, rock band from Colorado. We started a couple years ago in a small town and have only grown since then.

CHEMICAL ROULETTE. (http://www.purevolume.com/download.php?id=3395038)

powerhouse intro featuring big guitars and amazing double-bass drum patterns.Great production on a super catchy song which is as good as anything you’ll hear today !!

Girls Tease With Chance, Boys Tease With Diamonds                http://www.reverbnation.com/artist/video/11172612

Killer guitars and drums again on this choon, hitting like a battering ram to the head and ears.Great blend of melody and brutality !!!

You gotta check these guys out now !!!!  ADE FISHER