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Source: BESTBAND of the DAY..BOB DEE

BESTBAND of the DAY, Temple Avenue

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Temple Avenue Temple Avenue… …an alternative rock band based in the North East of the UK. Their music is a raw mix of rock, grunge and punk, with influences ranging from Smashing Pumpkins, N…

Source: BESTBAND of the DAY, Temple Avenue



After rip roaring sets and sold out gigs, this Birmingham quartet has really arrived!

Supporting The View and playing up and down the country, the rebels are putting their own original stamp on the Birmingham music scene and are definitely on the rise.

Their latest EP, ‘HOWLIN’, was released in the summer of 2014 and is available for worldwide digital download. The official video for lead single ‘SHAKE ME DOWN’ was released June 29th.

The four-piece band from Birmingham combines the power and intensity of classic rock with the finesse and delicacy of soulful blues.

Members: Danny Core – Vocals & Rhythm guitar; Luke Davis – Vocals & Bass; James Tranter – Vocals & Lead Guitar; Anthony Byrne – Drums & Percussion


The tasty, subdued guitar intro eases you gently into a modern take on The Faces type instrumentation. THEN ENTERS “THE VOICE” !!!!! A voice that sounds like a thousand break-ups and a million JD’S, perfectly complementing the great musicians on show.This song ooses Deep South, never guessing it originated in Birmingham uk !! I can see why this was a single, very commercial in a sort of Kings of Leon sort of way. Awesome !!!


Another rootsy rocker featuring some great guitar riffs and powerful bass n drums and another killer vocal from Danny Core.

From the EP of the same name this is another hit single in the waiting.Nice wah wah solo too !!


Slower in tempo but not intensity, this song is drenched in bluesy soul, the passion is dripping out of the speakers !!!!

Lovely contrast of light and shade in the verses and chorus with more awesome guitar and the ever-present world class vocals.You might need to bring fire extinguishers if you catch this band live..!!!! if the UK keeps producing bands as great as this, then the future of music is in very safe hands .

catch them at

Saturday 30 May 2015

Camden Rocks 2015


American Island


Rock band from Seattle, WA. Record produced by John Goodmanson. For fans of Vampire Weekend, Kings of Leon, Death Cab and Grouplove

Rock and roll/indie pop band based out of Seattle, WA.


Spencer Mertel, Chris Paxton, Rory Menteer, Chip Burgess, Spencer Phillips (AKA Booker)


Pacy commercial tune featuring skintight bass and drums. Lots of great hooks and a very catchy song.


Lovely half -tempo pop song with nice vocal organ intro.Another ridiculously catchy song, my favourite of the bunch here.

great light and shade in the verses and choruses.

RUN  (

Guitar-based 6/4 time quirky rocker which steams along in the choruses showcasing tight bass n drums again.


Great instrumentation here, classy jangly guitars, the lyrics portray hope in the present !!







Having toured across Europe playing hundreds upon hundreds of shows alongside bands such as Papa Roach, Shinedown, Buckcherry, Black Stone Cherry and appearing at festivals such as Sonisphere and Download; Heaven’s Basement are a band who’ve built their reputation on a setting Britain’s underground alight and then taking that energy to bigger stages across Europe.

Their desire to leave an everlasting impression on rock music is fueled by one sole ambition between them; to reach the summit of their potential and to be regarded alongside the bands that inspired them.

“We’re proud to come from the country that has without doubt produced some of the greatest rock n roll bands of all time. There’s now a void that needs filling. Everything we do revolves around filling that void”

Members Aaron Buchanan – Vocals
Sid Glover – Guitar
Rob Ellershaw – Bass
Chris Rivers – Drums

The debut album ‘Filthy Empire’ available now on iTunes:


Nice de-tuned guitar intro kicks into a high energy uptempo rocker guaranteed to get some body part moving !!!  The sound is raw but well produced in term of punch, energy and clarity.Killer chorus hook too.!!!


Brilliant riffy drum/guitar intro pile drives into a very contemporary rocker, nice take-down in the middle 8 with acoustic guitars and piano before the tempo picks up again, lots of twists and turns to keep the listener’s interest.


Stripped-back drums and guitar intro with an almost-spoken vocal thunders into the super-catchy chorus.Killer song.All piss and vinegar in a f”k you attitude.

These songs were made for the live stage and any look at their live videos demonstrates a band hungry for success in a high-energy show.These boys “seriously Rock” !!!! cHECK tHEM oUT nOW ……






Seven years ago, “Last We Fall” started as “The Next Day”, when original members Steven Rodriguez, Danny Davila and Ben Foster were in middle and elementary school. In early 2011, “The Next Day” decided they wanted to make music their career and started focusing on their original music.

“Last We Fall” was born, named for their dedications and drive to become what they had dreamed of becoming for years: an all-original and international act. “Last We Fall” became a one-guitar band, and added new bassist Colton Daniels, who fits in extremely well with the group.

Last We Fall has recorded with Blue Cat Recording Studios, Chris Lieck Studios, and Kevin Butler (Austin, TX). The band has released two singles entitled: “Breathe” and “I’m Human, You’re A Hazard.” The songs were produced by John Gomez (Silver Tongue MGMT) and John Moyer (Disturbed, Union Underground, Adrenaline Mob, and Silver Tongue MGMT).

In the past couple of years, LWF has open for Taproot, Nonpoint, Everclear, Eve 6, Bush, Filter, Oleander, Rik Emmit (Triumph), Hurt, Drowning Pool, Adrenaline Mob, kIll Devil Hill, and San Antonio’s favorite Nothing More. The band has no plans of slowing down and will be in the studio recording their debut EP and on a multi-state tour very soon.


Nice n grungy guitar/drums intro leading to a taken down verse featuring very melodic vocals, before the chorus kicks in, all power and melody.Very good production makes the song a surefire hit.


Beautifully picked intro powers into a strong verse, great guitar sound, nice harmonies in the vocals.

An impassioned, catchy chorus has you punching the air in appraisal.Another Monster choon !!!!!

Sounds Like: August Burns Red, Chevelle, Rage Against The Machine, Sevendust, Karnivool





Halestorm is an American hard rock band from Red Lion, Pennsylvania.The group’s self-titled debut album was released on April 28, 2009, through Atlantic Records. Their second album The Strange Case Of… was released on April 10, 2012. The song “Love Bites (So Do I)” from that album won their first Grammy Award for Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance on February 10, 2013.

Siblings Arejay and Elizabeth “Lzzy” Hale have been actively writing and performing original music since 1997 when they were 10 and 13 years old, respectively. Both brother and sister started learning piano at the age of 5; Lzzy later progressed to a keytar and Arejay to the drums. Lzzy took guitar lessons at 16. The teen siblings released an EP titled Don’t Mess With the Time Man in 1999. In 2003, Joe Hottinger joined the band. In Halestorm’s earliest incarnation, Lzzy and Arejay’s father Roger Hale played bass before Josh Smith joined the group in 2004.

After scoring two top 10 singles (“I Get Off” and “It’s Not You”) from their self-titled debut and touring steadily for two years with acts as diverse as Shinedown, Stone Sour, Disturbed, Megadeth, Papa Roach, Godsmack and countless others, Pennsylvania quartet Halestorm are back with their second full-length album, The Strange Case of….


 “Freak Like Me”(

Great riffy intro leads to drum-heavy verse, then hammers into the catchiest chorus you’ll ever hear featuring the powerhouse vocal of LZZY HALE,packed with power, passion and melody all in one !!! Awesome.Also a cool guitar solo.


Slower-paced rocker with nice drum/guitar interplay. Another blazing chorus full of passion and heat. Very sensual


Cowbell start into yet another ear-worm chorus , lovely grungy riff for the verse, powerhouse drumming and a vocal that could fell a rhino at a thousand paces.

HALESTORM are a great Band that you must check out, and, in Lzzy Hale, have one of the top vocalists in the world right now !!!


BEST BAND of the DAY is…”From Ashes to New”.



From Ashes to New is a Rap-rock/Alternative metal band that hails from Central Pennsylvania.

From Ashes to New is a six piece band that is produced, recorded and engineered by Grant McFarland of Atrium Audio in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Grant, an accomplished musician and producer in his own right, is regarded to be the seventh member of the band.

 While some attempt to compare the sound of From Ashes to New to other existing bands, after listening to their songs from front to back one cannot claim that the band is like any other.

Matt Brandyberry (Vocals)
Chris Musser (Vocals)
Dan Kecki (Guitar)
Branden “Boo” Kreider (Guitar)
Garrett Russell (Bass)
Tim D’onofrio (Drums)

So, what is all the fuss about From Ashes to New ?? Guess what !! A big Fuss !!! This Band is incredible.

I get sent music every day from bands and I always look for something a bit special to choose as my Best Band of the Day.

These guys fit that bill perfectly.Their music style is described as  Rap-Rock/Alternative Metal that is exactly what you get, and more ! There’s even Electro in there.To the songs then.


Beautiful piano/strings intro, understated vocal leads into a great Rap before the songs smashes into a huge sang/rapped chorus with battering drums and massive chorus.Then the kitchen sink gets thrown into this incredible production from McFarland.Breath-taking !!!!!


You think this is a standard Rap song on the intro til the mayhem starts kicking in with another big chorus full of drums n guitars.We get screamo in the middle 8 into another chorus and the combination of music styles is electrifying.


Apocalypse style intro with nice piano again,great rap over an electro beat leads into an intense full band chorus.Another stunning production to keep the listener’s interest at a peak.

It is wonderful to hear a group of musicians pushing the boundaries of what can be done within the musical format.

Hats off to an incredible band that is “FROM ASHES to NEW”

Ade Fisher

Contact info




After 25 years of rocking the stages the timing just feels right for Stämpf to release his own solo album. It only makes sense that his CD is named after himself “Stämpf”. It offers “honest-to-rock”, unadulterated music and lyrics penned by the artist himself.
Stämpf has been menacing small and big stages since 1986: early on with the “scandal rockers” Tyte Stone, then with Mud Slick and San Dimas all over Europe, and lastly with the fun punk band QL singing in his native Swiss German dialect (the latter also at times with the famous Pepe Lienhard band). But, it was his appearance as choir director on the “Clash of the Choirs” TV show that forever sealed his reputation as a kick ass naughty entertainer with his very own “hairdo”: front hawk, or as he likes to call it in German “Stirnirokese” (or… “Forehead Hawk”).
Now Stämpf is up with his own solo album. The original Churer (say Coorer… just think of Coors Light!) just recently moved back to his hometown where he reconnected with his own musical roots and the love of listening to his own compositions. Fat melodies harmonizing with English lyrics revealing the hidden rebel as in the song “King of the Street” for instance. Between social criticism and heavy guitar riffs you’ll also hear a radio worthy ballad or even a guest appearance of Gotthard’s own Freddy Scherer. The album was produced by famous songwriter Reto Burrell.

So, what do Stampf sound like ?

“Waterfall”  (
A very commercial slice of grungy rock/pop with a great chorus and fine vocals from the man himself.Great Song.
“King of the Street”(
Another very catchy tune in the grungy Foo Fighters mold.Nice drive and mix between clean and dirty chords with a tasty guitar solo. Awesome !!!
“Don’t Believe “(
I like the way the vocal does’nt pick the obvious tried n tested melodies in the verse.Another cracking chorus with an outrageous guitar solo !! Love it Great production throughout.And man this guy can sing. Another hit track.
“Slow Down” (
Slow Down does indeed do that with another very memorable song with a big chorus.Lovely harmonies on the middle eight.
This band Stämpf are brilliant for listening in the car, with an uplifting, feelgood sound you never tire of hearing.
you have to check them out.!!!!
Ade Fisher

Sounds Like: Foo Fighters, Gotthard, KROKUSonline, Green Day, Die Toten Hosen

Label: Stämpf Music

Manager: Stämpf