Been playing lead guitar for 40 years, big influences Gary Moore, Schenker, Santana, Bill Nelson.Use Les pauls and Marshall amps. I’m renowned for getting a great sound. I was Michael Schenker’s Agent/Manger in 2007/2008, setting up the Michael Schenker & Friends Tour in 2008. He failed to show up in London for the soundcheck, so I got up and played ufo’s Lights Out with Schenker’s Band, using his gear A dream come true ; Short Resume: I’ve done over 3000 shows, can play anything from metal to Blues and Country.Play acoustic also and have a great Backing vocal.Very quick learner, hard worker, great people person, good team player.

I write songs also and a good ear for production, very experienced in the studio.Recorded a 10-track CD in NACOGDOCHES Texas in 2011, at ENCORE STUDIOS (thank you Byron !!!) the same studio WILLIE NELSON recorded his “NACOGDOCHES” ALBUM !!!
Biggest crowd I’ve played for ? 25,000. loyal and reliable.Looking for great singers to co-write with. Looking for sessions and bands looking for touring guitarist with great Backing Vocs, and a good Publisher for my songs.
I am proud to have co-written a song called ANGEL OR DEMON with the insanely talented Rob Mancini on the new CD by the excellent KARSON.  (http://youtu.be/dFefJV4x4As)

check out my LinkedIn at:       http://uk.linkedin.com/pub/ade-fisher/4/638/647/


check out my NuMuBu at:       http://www.numubu.com/ade


Twitter at :::::::::::::::::::::          https://twitter.com/adaz4



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