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Hi David,
Thanks for taking the time to conduct this interview today
When was the moment you “knew” you had to get an electric guitar?

When I heard “Got to Get You Into my Life” off Revolver

What was the first record you bought ?


Who was the first major band you saw live ?


Who performed the greatest live gig you saw ?

Hard to pick one….but, Jeff Beck at a club in Austin around 1999…….

What are the landmark records that shaped your guitar playing?

BB King Live at the Regal

Allman Brothers at Fillmore East
Wes Montgomery Movin’ Wes
Roy Buchanan 1st two albums

Which musicians most influenced your learning curve?

Duane Allman, Wes Montgomery, Norman Blake, and Jeff Beck

How did your Family react to you not pursuing the perceived  “proper job”?


What was the break that allowed you to turn Professional?

Moving to Austin, getting into Lucinda Williams band which led to Lou Ann Barton’s band then Joe Ely

How and why did you make the transition from sideman to frontman ?

I just wanted to play my songs, and at the same time, the sideman thing started to change. I still love doing sideman gigs, but the good ones are not as prevalent. And……Really getting to stretch out on my own tunes is so rewarding

As a musician, which records are you most proud to have been part of.?

I’m proud of most everything I’ve played on, but the ones that come to mind right now are the 4 Buddy Guy records I played on, all the Joe Ely, James McMurtry, and John Mellencamp stuff, John Mayall, and my solo records

How does musical inspiration come to you ?

Without any rhyme or reason…….randomingly…….yet all the time if you’re really mindful. For me it’s a practice and process of being open to whatever the muse sends you that day. 

As a songwriter, which of your songs are you most proud ?

What Passes For Love and Good Day For The Blues have held up really well, and I think What Passes is more relevant now than when I wrote it. I really like Never Came Easy To Me, Gift Of Desperation, Final Rendezvous, Skimming the Surface, and Satisfied (which I wrote with Chris Stapleton).

How does your Recording rig differ from your Live rig?

More pedals 🙂

What is your studio approach to recording guitars?

Keep it really simple. Good amp and cab, one good mic and pre. My 30 watt PRS DG Custom amps have made getting a good tone even easier.

Any guitars you wish you still owned ?

Yes……I had a ’59 burst and a ’57 start that got away…..c’est la vie

What is the best advice you have been given?

“Play gigs, just play gigs” from Pat Metheny

Have you had any spinal tap moments onstage?

Of course……Recently doing an ACL taping they tested some pyro at sound check and some kind of residue got on my guitars. When the taping started my hands started sticking to the neck and strings. That was a bit of a challenge 

Who has made you starstruck when you met them ?

Maybe Mick Jagger…….

In these difficult times to be a musician, how do you keep your career going?

What else am I going to do? I do this because I have to……I love it

OK David, last question:
all family are safe, but your house is burning down!!You can only save ONE item….what would it be?

Family photos or my main PRS DGT  guitar, which has become more valuable to me than anything vintage

Huge thanks to DAVID GRISSOM today for answering my questions, and I hope you the readers enjoy the answers as much as I do.It has been a huge honour to have worked with David on the “Best Band of the Day” and the “STAR INTERVIEW”

Go to the website DAVID GRISSOM.COM and buy his cds, go and see his shows and immerse yourself in the music of a Master Craftsman.

Interview by ADRIAN FISHER

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