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Based out of Orlando, Fl, Cold For June is a Post Hardcore/Pop Rock band with an edgy, high-energy sound. Their material has attracted attention from fans and critics alike, allowing them to be highlighted in Pop Vulture Magazine and be the 791zero Network featured artist for the week of March 24, 2013.  Cold For June has played alongside bands including, but not limited to, Close Your Eyes (Victory Records), Lower Than Atlantis (Island Records), and Kid Liberty (Bullet Tooth Records).

With experience in many aspects of the music industry, singer Alan Reitman has worked with renowned music producer James Paul Wisner (Paramore, Underoath, Dashboard Confessional, The Academy Is…, and more) and recorded Search The City’s newest material (2012) after their three-year hiatus. Working with these notable industry names has allowed Alan to use his diverse music knowledge to make catchy vocals, create intricate guitar riffs, and incorporate synths and orchestral instruments that all contribute to Cold For June’s unique and refreshing sound.

Cold For June’s debut EP Rewind is expected to release on iTunes soon and promises to build off of the energy that their latest single “No More” has provided. “Rewind” will take Cold For June to the next level proving that they are a local act with big potential, and are surely not to be missed!

You can keep up with Cold For June on their official Twitter and Instagram accounts, @CFJofficial, and on their Facebook fan page

Vocals / Alan Reitman
Guitar / Andrew Torres & Joey Meehan
Bass / Mike Ferraris
Drums / Josh Acker


 HIGH energy start featuring some great drumming and huge guitars !!! This track also has Joshy Singer as a guest from the band Blessing A Curse, but I feel Alan Reitman steals the vocal show on this one. His voice is clear, strong and very melodic, giving the song a much more commercial edge, set against a backdrop of beautifully brutal instrumentation. Nice light and shade in the middle of the song gives breathing space before the mayhem recommences with more mind-blowing drumming !!! Check this out !!!!!! The production is top notch, just enough power but without descending into clipping, and the arrangement is inventive:lots to keep the listener interested.

There are a glut of bands in this Genre who, I feel, spoil good songs by featuring wasteful “Screamo” vocals.There are some here in DISTANCE, but are used sparingly to add a new dynamic to the song rather than rely on it. Awsome !!!!!


Tasty subdued guitar and vocal eases the listener into the track before piledriving into a pacey pounding tune.

Again, very commercial without sacrificing the power of those huge guitars and drums.Great guitar solo in this one too.


You’ll no doubt be aware of the song Royals by Lorde which was a big hit in 2013. Well Cold for June do a rock version here, featuring the trademark Big Guitars and Drums, and do you know what ?? It works !! It’s great to hear those familiar vocal harmonies backed with sonic pandemonium from the band.Even the guitar solo works. Again, Alan Reitman shines here and his voice works just fine on this track.

With so many bands in this genre of Post Hadcore PunkPop out there right now, Cold For June stand out from the rest.

Check them out Facebook and their website COLDFORJUNE