BEST BAND of the DAY IS The WELCH Brothers

Posted: August 25, 2014 in ROCK
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​“We have been on stage singing together for as long as we can remember.” – Nate Welch

Three brothers, three voices and three songwriters collaborate to create the sound that is giving The Welch Brothers a name in Country music.

Growing up between North Carolina and California, the brothers developed a love for a variety of musical styles, including Country and Rock.

The Welch Brothers will be releasing new songs in the near future… so stay tuned!

Sounds Like: Little Big Town, Lady Antebellum, The Band Perry

Featuring Nate,David and Jonny Welch on vocals.


Super-catchy country rock song featuring great vocals from the Welch boys, great production and instrumentation with a tasty guitar solo.Instant hit !!!!Packing lots of punch to the country formula.


The title lulls you into a false sense of security, suggesting a slushy song about love of  good old country music.

Instead you get almost country heavy rock. Great sinister start and a mixture of heavy riffing and banjo !!! what a combination.

Another hot guitar solo features on this one, I would love to hear it live, bet it packs an even bigger punch in the flesh !!


As the title suggests, Wildfire is a steaming country rock ditty showcasing beautiful harmonies against rock riffs and hard hitting drums n bass.Ridiculously catchy again, these Welch Boys can sure construct great songs.

If you like you Country with a bit of grit n grease then the Welch Bros are just what you need.


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