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Singer/songwriter Alex Ryder has had great success with her EP entitled “Won’t You Listen” Writing and co-writing, singing every single lead and background vocal on the entire creation, having made her debut a success Alex is ready for more!

There is only one place Alex prefers than the recording studio, the stage! Alex’s low, sultry voice has a unique sound, humbly compared to classic female rockers like Joan Jett and Pat Benatar. Alex is busy tearing up Canada sharing the stage with the likes of Kim Mitchell, Lou Gramm (Foreigner) & Honeymoon Suite rock’en her fans with her 6 piece band. Above expressing her edge through her emotional originals, Alex has a great time covering her favourite artists like Bon Jovi, Joan Jett, Stevie Nicks and many more!.

Globally aired on 100’s of Internet radio stations, this rocker is making her mark worldwide.
To find more out about Alex Ryder check out her website or catch up with her on any of her social media outlets

Members Bobby Littlemore – Guitar, Steven Rae – Bass, Fred Pantalone – Drums, Yvan Tessier- Keys, Donna King-BG Vocals & Tracy Rush- BG Vocals

Alex has just released a new single “It’s Over” in May 2014. You can preview her new single on her site, along with her EP at or go to iTunes.


Subdued intro  storms an instrumental passage featuring a stunning guitar line. Alex then smoulders into the first verse before hitting the very catchy chorus with great harmonies.Another brilliant guitar line follows.This is a top song and should be a hit.Alex Ryder has a very commercial, beautiful sounding voice.My song of the week !!!!


Acoustic based groover with a vocal hinting at the Pat Benatar influence.Great production again, featuring the trademark harmonies.

Another hit song which would sound brilliant live.Awesome guitar work again !!!


Bass and drums get to shine on this intro,then the song kicks into an uptempo rocker with yet another killer chorus.This is a KILLER BAND!!!.

You Can’t Hurt Me Anymore    (

Brilliant writing on this song featuring a tasty piano intro which makes you expect a ballad.But the full band punchy refrain dispels those ideas.Nice Light and shade verse and chorus and very good lyrics throughout.Jeez this Gal can sing.

You have to check Alex Ryder out now !!!!




Texas Hippie Coalition are the purveyors of their own patented Red Dirt Metal sound: designing their own line in life and in music. For them, there is no other way. Texas Hippie Coalition are committed to crafting a unique, original and thoroughly raucous brand of music that’s born of both life experience and a respect for rock ‘n’ roll’s forefathers.

What exactly is Red Dirt Metal? Take outlaw country, toss in a dash of Southern-fried classic rock and mix it with some potent Texas power grooves and you’ve got a combustible sonic cocktail on your hands. Texas Hippie Coalition’s third album Peacemaker is a textbook example of Red Dirt Metal, which is the sound the band has been honing and cultivating for its entire existence.


Essentially, Peacemaker, which follows the previous albums The Pride of Texas and Rollin’, is like one of those out-of-control parties that will find you without a girlfriend and with pissed off family members the very next day, but you’ll be gawking over your killer new tattoo while nursing an awful hangover. It’s the stuff of life, the good time ingredient that you can’t manufacture or fake. It comes from a very real place, thanks to Texas Hippie Coalition’s ability to understand their influences and mine them into something wholly unique.

Having recorded in Texas I fell in love with the Lone Star State, and hearing TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION reminds me of how Texas is steeped in awesome music.Ade Fisher.

Big Dad Ritch – Vocals

John Exall – Bass Guitar

Cord Pool – Guitar

Timmy Braun – Drums

Influences ZZ top, Black Label Society, Pantera, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Willie Nelson, 



Big guitars bass n drums intro to the unmistakable voice of  Big Dad Ritch. A taken down verse leads to a killer chorus with instant hooks.You simply have to Turn It Up Loud.!!!Great song, great production.


Impassioned vocal intro from Ritch takes us into a tale of a woman leaving home to a grungy soundtrack in the vein of Soundgarden.Jeez this guy can siiiiiiiinnnng !!Tasty guitar solo too.


Hints of ZAKK with the pinched harmonics in a nice de-tuned stomper of a tune.

Make no mistake, this is a Man’s Band, oozing testosterone from every pore so if you like your music big hard n heavy you have to check these guys out now !!!!




Hailing from the City Of Angels, the BUTCHER BABIES offer redemption from the overplayed underground, exorcising demons with a visceral sound matched only in scope by their explosive stage show. Frontwomen Carla Harvey and Heidi Shepherd, guitarist Henry Flury [Amen], bassist Jason Klein [Azdachao] and drummer Chris Warner [Scars of Tomorrow] juxtapose brutal, aggressive riffs with beautiful melodies that wail with anguish and hope for redemption. 

The band signed a worldwide deal with Century Media Records in December 2012, and a month later hit the road with Marilyn Manson on what proved to be one of the new year’s most talked about tours. The run was a return to form for Manson and a call to arms for the BUTCHER BABIES, who honed their razor-sharp riffs and soul-searing vocals in front of live audiences as a source of manic pre-production. Only days after wrapping the tour in the City Of Sin, the band was in an L.A. studio with producer Josh Wilbur [Gojira, Lamb Of God, Hatebreed] recording the debut album that has the metal community buzzing. 

With an unrelenting delivery and uncompromising intent to melt faces, GOLIATH is more than just a record – it is the growing enemy that angers, drives and inspires the BUTCHER BABIES.

Butcher Babies debut album “GOLIATH” OUT NOW on Century Media Records! Http://


Starts with incredible drum fills and a monster scream from Heidi before she and fellow frontwoman Carla trade vitriolic vocals like two prizefighters.Monster riffs and pounding rhythm, be very afraid !!! If you have respiratory problems don’t pause for breath because the action is intense and relentless.Great chorus kicks up the intensity again.

Make no mistake, these girls can sing, this band can play !!!!!


More incredible drums, killer vocals and demonic riffs, another great chorus, and, judging from the video, Butcher Babies are an incredible live act. I need to lie down in a darkened room !!!

It’s gonna take a lot more than David to slay “GOLIATH”




The sounds of dirt pouring out of old souls that were sold for the sake of rock n’ roll. Space rock n’ roll. Whatever it is, you can’t help but to feel your ears being dipped in nostalgia then taken to another dimension and back again with the songs of Crobot. A quartet from central Pennsylvania, conjure up sonic ghosts and stories that seemingly were interpreted from crop circles.

For fans of Clutch, Wolfmother, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Rage Against the Machine, or Soundgarden,the powerful packed punch of the vocals of lead singer Brandon Yeagley is a great one-two with the spellbinding, head bobbing guitar riffs of Chris Bishop; not to mention the stellar solidity of the low frequencies of Jake Figueroa on bass guitar and brother Paul Figueroa on drums.. Bishop brings his unique style of art to the table to add images to the stories unveiled by lyricist and frontman Brandon Yeagley. The two also plan on creating a graphic novel based on the songs from the album, set for an undetermined future release. 

Crobot have spilled their sweat and tones on such stages as Philadelphia’s Theater of Living Arts and Xfinity LIVE, The Paramount in Huntington, NJ, the Stanhope House in Stanhope, New Jersey, and Anchorage, Alaska’s Chilkoot Charlie’s and plan on embarking on a tour not limited to the venues listed previously. 

ON TOUR NOW w/KYNG & Kill Devil Hill
This track is like Wolfmother meets Flash Gordon , with a crazy mixture of retro grungy rock and space-age sound effects.
Featuring powerhouse drums bass n guitar and the stratospheric vocals of Yeagley..Killer track.
A swaggering towering inferno of a song, great riffs, pounding rhythm and a tasty wah solo from Bishop !!
If this song doesn’t get you out of your seat you’d better check your pulse !!!
Nice ‘delic sounds for the verse thunders into a piledriver chorus of de-tuned ecstasy. CROBOT are as tight as a camel’s arse in a sandstorm and the vocals are as good as anything out there right now !!!!




Having toured across Europe playing hundreds upon hundreds of shows alongside bands such as Papa Roach, Shinedown, Buckcherry, Black Stone Cherry and appearing at festivals such as Sonisphere and Download; Heaven’s Basement are a band who’ve built their reputation on a setting Britain’s underground alight and then taking that energy to bigger stages across Europe.

Their desire to leave an everlasting impression on rock music is fueled by one sole ambition between them; to reach the summit of their potential and to be regarded alongside the bands that inspired them.

“We’re proud to come from the country that has without doubt produced some of the greatest rock n roll bands of all time. There’s now a void that needs filling. Everything we do revolves around filling that void”

Members Aaron Buchanan – Vocals
Sid Glover – Guitar
Rob Ellershaw – Bass
Chris Rivers – Drums

The debut album ‘Filthy Empire’ available now on iTunes:


Nice de-tuned guitar intro kicks into a high energy uptempo rocker guaranteed to get some body part moving !!!  The sound is raw but well produced in term of punch, energy and clarity.Killer chorus hook too.!!!


Brilliant riffy drum/guitar intro pile drives into a very contemporary rocker, nice take-down in the middle 8 with acoustic guitars and piano before the tempo picks up again, lots of twists and turns to keep the listener’s interest.


Stripped-back drums and guitar intro with an almost-spoken vocal thunders into the super-catchy chorus.Killer song.All piss and vinegar in a f”k you attitude.

These songs were made for the live stage and any look at their live videos demonstrates a band hungry for success in a high-energy show.These boys “seriously Rock” !!!! cHECK tHEM oUT nOW ……






Seven years ago, “Last We Fall” started as “The Next Day”, when original members Steven Rodriguez, Danny Davila and Ben Foster were in middle and elementary school. In early 2011, “The Next Day” decided they wanted to make music their career and started focusing on their original music.

“Last We Fall” was born, named for their dedications and drive to become what they had dreamed of becoming for years: an all-original and international act. “Last We Fall” became a one-guitar band, and added new bassist Colton Daniels, who fits in extremely well with the group.

Last We Fall has recorded with Blue Cat Recording Studios, Chris Lieck Studios, and Kevin Butler (Austin, TX). The band has released two singles entitled: “Breathe” and “I’m Human, You’re A Hazard.” The songs were produced by John Gomez (Silver Tongue MGMT) and John Moyer (Disturbed, Union Underground, Adrenaline Mob, and Silver Tongue MGMT).

In the past couple of years, LWF has open for Taproot, Nonpoint, Everclear, Eve 6, Bush, Filter, Oleander, Rik Emmit (Triumph), Hurt, Drowning Pool, Adrenaline Mob, kIll Devil Hill, and San Antonio’s favorite Nothing More. The band has no plans of slowing down and will be in the studio recording their debut EP and on a multi-state tour very soon.


Nice n grungy guitar/drums intro leading to a taken down verse featuring very melodic vocals, before the chorus kicks in, all power and melody.Very good production makes the song a surefire hit.


Beautifully picked intro powers into a strong verse, great guitar sound, nice harmonies in the vocals.

An impassioned, catchy chorus has you punching the air in appraisal.Another Monster choon !!!!!

Sounds Like: August Burns Red, Chevelle, Rage Against The Machine, Sevendust, Karnivool