BEST BAND of the DAY is…”From Ashes to New”

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From Ashes to New is a Rap-rock/Alternative metal band that hails from Central Pennsylvania.

From Ashes to New is a six piece band that is produced, recorded and engineered by Grant McFarland of Atrium Audio in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Grant, an accomplished musician and producer in his own right, is regarded to be the seventh member of the band.

 While some attempt to compare the sound of From Ashes to New to other existing bands, after listening to their songs from front to back one cannot claim that the band is like any other.

Matt Brandyberry (Vocals)
Chris Musser (Vocals)
Dan Kecki (Guitar)
Branden “Boo” Kreider (Guitar)
Garrett Russell (Bass)
Tim D’onofrio (Drums)

So, what is all the fuss about From Ashes to New ?? Guess what !! A big Fuss !!! This Band is incredible.

I get sent music every day from bands and I always look for something a bit special to choose as my Best Band of the Day.

These guys fit that bill perfectly.Their music style is described as  Rap-Rock/Alternative Metal that is exactly what you get, and more ! There’s even Electro in there.To the songs then.


Beautiful piano/strings intro, understated vocal leads into a great Rap before the songs smashes into a huge sang/rapped chorus with battering drums and massive chorus.Then the kitchen sink gets thrown into this incredible production from McFarland.Breath-taking !!!!!


You think this is a standard Rap song on the intro til the mayhem starts kicking in with another big chorus full of drums n guitars.We get screamo in the middle 8 into another chorus and the combination of music styles is electrifying.


Apocalypse style intro with nice piano again,great rap over an electro beat leads into an intense full band chorus.Another stunning production to keep the listener’s interest at a peak.

It is wonderful to hear a group of musicians pushing the boundaries of what can be done within the musical format.

Hats off to an incredible band that is “FROM ASHES to NEW”

Ade Fisher

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