BEST BAND of the DAY IS !!! Stämpf

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After 25 years of rocking the stages the timing just feels right for Stämpf to release his own solo album. It only makes sense that his CD is named after himself “Stämpf”. It offers “honest-to-rock”, unadulterated music and lyrics penned by the artist himself.
Stämpf has been menacing small and big stages since 1986: early on with the “scandal rockers” Tyte Stone, then with Mud Slick and San Dimas all over Europe, and lastly with the fun punk band QL singing in his native Swiss German dialect (the latter also at times with the famous Pepe Lienhard band). But, it was his appearance as choir director on the “Clash of the Choirs” TV show that forever sealed his reputation as a kick ass naughty entertainer with his very own “hairdo”: front hawk, or as he likes to call it in German “Stirnirokese” (or… “Forehead Hawk”).
Now Stämpf is up with his own solo album. The original Churer (say Coorer… just think of Coors Light!) just recently moved back to his hometown where he reconnected with his own musical roots and the love of listening to his own compositions. Fat melodies harmonizing with English lyrics revealing the hidden rebel as in the song “King of the Street” for instance. Between social criticism and heavy guitar riffs you’ll also hear a radio worthy ballad or even a guest appearance of Gotthard’s own Freddy Scherer. The album was produced by famous songwriter Reto Burrell.

So, what do Stampf sound like ?

“Waterfall”  (
A very commercial slice of grungy rock/pop with a great chorus and fine vocals from the man himself.Great Song.
“King of the Street”(
Another very catchy tune in the grungy Foo Fighters mold.Nice drive and mix between clean and dirty chords with a tasty guitar solo. Awesome !!!
“Don’t Believe “(
I like the way the vocal does’nt pick the obvious tried n tested melodies in the verse.Another cracking chorus with an outrageous guitar solo !! Love it Great production throughout.And man this guy can sing. Another hit track.
“Slow Down” (
Slow Down does indeed do that with another very memorable song with a big chorus.Lovely harmonies on the middle eight.
This band Stämpf are brilliant for listening in the car, with an uplifting, feelgood sound you never tire of hearing.
you have to check them out.!!!!
Ade Fisher

Sounds Like: Foo Fighters, Gotthard, KROKUSonline, Green Day, Die Toten Hosen

Label: Stämpf Music

Manager: Stämpf


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