BEST BAND of the DAY IS …………………………………..”FIDES IN US”

Posted: April 14, 2014 in Uncategorized



Fides In Us, is an up and coming band in the Electronic Hardcore Music and Post-Hardcore scene from Southwest Michigan. To them, music is more than just playing instruments. It’s home, it’s an escape. It’s life. They put everything that they have into their music.

Grab  debut single “Lead Or Be Led” on iTunes now!

Nick Gaiski – Clean Vocals 
Blake Herzog – Unclean Vocals
Zach Bolton – Guitar
Anthony Applegate – Drums

Debut single “Lead or be Led”(

Nice half time electro beat intro piles into serious hardcore vocals before an uptempo chorus kicks in with super-catchy vocals.

great production from Matt Dalton @ 37 Studios.An overall great combo of melody and aggression from an up and coming young band.

check these guys out now !!!

Ade Fisher


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